A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Ruins video new

by Mathias Jess Pedersen (Denmark)

Genre: Adventure

Ruins is a retro open world puzzle / adventure game. The game features many different mechanics, such as teleporting, controlling different machines with different controls, shooting, speedrunning challenges, environmental puzzles and more.

You play as Timo, a curious boy, who wakes from a strange dream with some bizarre instructions. He will be given three objects that hold great importance, and maybe they will help him find what he has lost in the past.

Run, jump, and teleport your way through a mysterious landscape where nothing is as it seems. Meet all the creatures of the land and learn their story. The actions and choices you make along your journey to recover what is lost, might also change the world and its future.

Ruins rewards exploration and is a semi open world game, with over 60 NPCs for you to meet and learn from. Each has their own information that can help you along your adventure. The game does not hold your hand and is made for players that miss the satisfying feeling of solving a hard puzzle all by yourself, we know from the retro games.

The inspiration for the game has come from many places, but I wanted to replicate the feeling and atmosphere I got from my favorite games, Zelda : BOTW, Shadow of the Colossus and Journey. All these games made an impact on the art style and mood of the game. The simplicity that came from these games, how they approached storytelling, graphics, gameplay and how they communicated to the player, was a huge inspiration as well.

Platform: PC