A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


by Michal Shoshan (Israel)

Genre: Adventure

“Pause” is a generative game created by wandering. I created the game whilst being inspired by Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. The book is about man as an individual and the way he looks at the world. It talks about the ability to search within nothingness for meaning; about nature and the small changes that affect a person's choices whether consciously or not.

I decided to examine the functionality of “throwing” a person into an empty space, to explore their ability to move around, to search, to want to feel the space within a space that seems to be leading, in fact, to nowhere. I tested whether one could try to enjoy it, listen to it, stay within it and develop a sensitivity to small changes that take place in it. Is it possible to allow space to gently hint at new information to give us direction? I wanted to explore how one space can be empty and full at the same time, and how it can change in an instant but also grant the opportunity to pause for a moment and stay, give time, allowing a little more depth to learn a place and the character(s) he is with.

Platform: Mac, PC