A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Nut Smasher

by Abigail Yaffe (United State)

Genre: Action

Nut Smasher is its name. You are a hammer, you smash the nuts. To do this, there is one action: to tap the screen. This is the only mechanic: tap to smash nut (almond, pecan, or cashew). This game is about going vegan during the era of covid-19. It is a game about being trapped in what you eat and how you eat, day in, day out, repetition. It is a game about executive dysfunction and the difficulty of eating with it existing in the vegan life. Nuts are easy to eat. They give lots of protein, boost the soul. Here, we emulate this comedic realization, we engage in the monkey impulse: SMASH NUT. Passive inspirations are: Papers Please, Grim Fandango, Russian Constructivism, squirrels.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Web