A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Just Like Grandma Used To Make..

by Jonny Hopkins (United States)

Genre: Physical, Fun, Humor, VR

Just Like Grandma Used To Make... is a haunted cooking sim where you assemble a recipe step by step with ghostly assistance. In this multiplayer, asymmetric, alt ctrl VR game, players work together to assemble a recipe, with one player able to move objects, and the other players only able to move the other player's arms. The game has two interfaces: one player, in the VR headset, can interact with a kitchen, while other players, outside the headset, can see a computer monitor with a third person view of the first player. In addition, the players outside of the headset can see an interface on their monitor that has a step by step recipe to assemble. The crux of Just Like Grandma Used To Make... is that the non-VR players have to guide the first player to bake the required dish, all without talking. Instead, the other players must physically move the VR player's arms to guide them into the proper steps and gestures required by the recipe.

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