A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Inua - A story in ice and time | Bande Annonce | ARTE Creative

by ARTE France / Iko / The Pixel Hunt (France)

Genre: Narrative Puzzle Game

Inua tells the story of the great polar bear, Nanurluk. Separated from her cubs by the madness of men, it is up to the player to help her in her quest to restore harmony to the world. He will follow Taïna, Peter and Simon, 3 characters separated by decades but whose destinies are mysteriously linked.

To do so, he will have to unravel space and time to solve puzzles and guide the characters. Each level is composed of several scenes taking place in the same place, but at different times. Supervised by an Inuit author, the original scenario of Inua is inspired by Inuit mythology, and based on the story of the Franklin expedition: a real British expedition sent to explore the Arctic in the 19th century.

Platform: PC