A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


HoloVista | Release Trailer | Out Now!

by Aconite Co (United States)

Genre: Simulation

HoloVista is a story about exploring your unconscious mind via a high-tech mansion that adjusts to fit the occupant. It's a story about mental health, luxury, perception, and family. Mechanically, HoloVista is a mixed reality hidden object game in a sleek social media wrapper, reminiscent of a near-future Instagram. You play as Carmen, a new hire at an elusive architecture firm, with your device acting as her phone. Players experience a week in Carmen's life through the places she goes, the objects she photographs, the thoughts she shares on social media, and the friends she talks to. Every time Carmen travels to a new location in the story, players access a virtual camera, which allows them to view the game's environments in full 360°, finding and photographing significant objects. Through solving puzzles, players learn how Carmen and her friends feel about the photos she takes, and the images gradually reveal a secret that Carmen has been running from since childhood.

Platform: iPhone, iPad