A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Gates of Aleppo

Gates Of Aleppo - raw gameplay

by Wolfswift / Wombat / Mercury (Syrian Arab Republic, Austria)

Genre: documentary game

Shortly after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, a gruesome battle started to rage in the ancient city of Aleppo.

Government and rebel forces dug in various neighbourhoods, waging a war of attrition, often using sharp shooters.

Especially government snipers west of the old town were terrorising the citizens, turning their every day movements into a lethal game.

These are short fragments of that time, experiences of the citizens that had to live with the constant threat of death.

Gates of Aleppo is a joined collaboration between the Syrian artist Wolfswift and the designer Josh Hollendonner & Georg Hobmeier. For their own protection Wolfswift must remain anonymous. They were supported in their efforts by Julia Nguyen, gold extra and Causa Creations.

Platform: Web