A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


FUME (Teaser)

by Javier de Azkue & Luis Cruz (Argentina)

Genre: Indie puzzle platformer

FUME is a 2D puzzle and platformer game, based on an illustration fanzine by graphic artist Kazwes and editor Club del Prado from 2018. Made from hand made animations, with backgrounds and figures printed in risograph (a high speed analogic printing system from the 80's), the game takes advantage of the limits of the graphic medium, remembering collage, comic textures and the quality of printing from independent publishing and fanzines. FUME combines old-school dynamics of platformers with lo-fi graphic resources, inspiring mystery and nostalgia with its looks and sounds.

FUME is an ongoing project by Luis Cruz and Javier de Azkue with sound and music by Ariel Schlichter.

Platform: PC, Mac, Web, Android Phone