A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Eastern Market Murder

Eastern Market Murder

by True Crime Games (Australia)

Genre: AR Mobile Game - Murder/Mystery - Narrative - Adventure

Investigate a spine-tingling crime from 1899 in this augmented reality experience. Delve into a mystical world of fortune tellers and phrenologists in this twisted tale of murder and madness. Blood red radishes, a business rivalry, whispers of false friends. When everything is not as it seems, will you foresee how it ends? With options to play at home, or at the actual crime scenes you'll explore crime scenes, question witnesses and examine evidence to outsmart the killer and reclaim justice for the victim's family. 

Features *Options to play from anywhere in the world in "off-site" mode - no walking required, approx 1 hour play time. *If in Melbourne explore the actual crime scenes - self-guided 2.5km walk or 1.5 hours play time *Fully voice acted with script created from witness testimonies and original letters in collaboration with a historian and descendants of the central characters. *Characters, crime scenes and shop fronts faithfully modelled on original photographs and newspaper articles. *Featuring music by Melbourne musicians Sianna & Jake Lee. *Original and Innovative concept – second game in the True Crime Mysteries series, the worlds first AR games based on true historical crimes.

Platform: iPhone, Android Phone