A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Bean Coin Website Tour

by Seemingly Pointless (United States)

Genre: At home online cryptocurrency ARG

Download your BeanCoin Wallet and get in on the ground floor of this amazing new cryptocurrency, BeanCoin! Surrounding the departure of Maps Sr. as CEO of his bean futures company, Maps Jr. has reshaped his dad’s legacy into a 21st century digital nightmare. In this at-home ARG, players can play alone or together to solve puzzles in an .exe while exploring and scouring a real website for clues on how to actually unlock a BeanCoin for themselves. However, if you and your friends let the Bean Coin Wallet executable file run out of time, it will permanently close, locking you out from acquiring BeanCoin forever. So what are you waiting for? Everyone is talking about BeanCoin; jump on this opportunity, and own your own BeanCoin, today!

Platform: PC