A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

10th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Agent Klutz

Agent Klutz - Trailer (Shorter Version)

by notagamestudio (Portugal)

Genre: Experimental rythm-based stealth shooter

High-Concept Agent Klutz is a comedy spy-thriller action-rhythm game. Every move you make needs to be synced with the soundtrack, or you’ll trip over your own feet and fall on your face.

In This Game, You Will… – Be the most clumsy, air-headed, incompetent spy of all time. – Shoot everyone on sight, ask questions later. – Be a graceless kleptomaniac (steal as much as possible wherever you go). – Hack security lasers and cameras (with your gun). – Disarm nuclear bombs (with your gun). – Do train heists. – Kidnap CEOs. – (Allegedly) cause World War III.

Platform: PC